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NakedSword is proud to have provided finishing funds for SEED MONEY, and pleased to be able to support the film during its festival run. has been a long-time supporter of emerging filmmakers and artists, and is unafraid to tackle subjects deemed "taboo" by the mainstream. Whether as a presenter, a producer or distributor, the goal of these projects is to challenge what is considered pornographic. What results often blurs the line between what is too-often written off as cheap and not worthy of critical, upright attention.

I Want Your Love (feature)

Director Travis Mathews' highly anticipated feature-length version of his short was called "a conscious effort to take back gay sex on film" by the New York Times and a "must-see" by Indiewire.

Using narrative film to creating an unflinchingly honest portrait of gay life, I Want Your Love is a landmark of gay cinema, praised by both filmmakers and fans alike.

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I Want Your Love (short)

Our studio's first foray into "independent film with hardcore sex," and first collaboration with director Travis Mathews, this is award-winning, 14-minute short heralded a new direction for queer cinema. Lauded for presenting realistic sex that was romantic as it was erotic.

I Want Your Love can be seen for free

In Their Room Berlin

An exploration of love and sex through the lives of gay Berliners, with Berlin, director Travis Mathews returns to the quasi-documentary style of his In Their Room series which first attracted to the attention of NakedSword.

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100 Boyfriends

Dancer, musician, artist, publisher of the queer zine Fag School, Brontez Purnell makes his directorial debut with this semi-autobiographical "video mix tape". Relying on his punk rock aesthetic to give the world a peek into his singularly unique perspective, 100 Boyfriends takes the viewer on an unforgettable ride that's as audacious as it is experimental.

100 Boyfriends will be released in Winter, 2015.